MSHIELD promotes whole health for all people through data-driven, community-partnered, equity-centered quality improvement.

Harnessing the power of data to identify health inequities and develop equity-focused quality improvement goals.

Collaborating with community and clinical partners to close the gap between healthcare and social service systems across the state. 

Raising awareness and promoting anti-racist approaches to quality improvement.

MSHIELD condemns all forms of racism and discrimination and commits to leading from an anti-racist disposition by naming, addressing, and taking the necessary steps to eradicate all forms of oppression. With this statement, we position ourselves to stand and take action against all acts and dismantling systems that are oppressive in any form. 


CQIs (Collaborative Quality Initiatives) address many of the most common and costly areas of surgical and medical care in Michigan. In each CQI, hospitals and physicians across the state collect, share and analyze data on patient risk factors, processes of care and outcomes of care, then design and implement changes to improve patient care.  

These unique and successful organizations are funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan / Blue Care Network, and led by Michigan Medicine in partnership with health and human services organizations across the state of Michigan.

Credit: Michigan Photography