Best Practices, Opportunities, and Resources for Collaborative Quality Initiatives

This guide is meant to introduce concepts central to integrating social determinants of health screening into health practices. We at MSHIELD are always available to discuss the nuances of applying these concepts and strategies to your work.

The key questions explored and answered in this guide are:

  1. What are SDOH?
    Overview of SDOH Domains (pg. 8)

  2. How do we identify social needs in patients?
    Modes of Social Needs Identification (pg. 11)

  3. When, where, and how do we screen patients?
    How to Integrate Screening Into Practice (pg. 17)

  4. How can CQIs start doing this work?
    Recommendations for Implementation (pg. 18)

We wish to gratefully acknowledge Larrea Young for her stellar design work, and Noa Kim for design and dissemination strategy. Along with the MSHIELD team, Matt Callow, Michael Englesbe, Wendy Hawkins, and Brent Williams all contributed content review and feedback.