Culture of Equity Resources

Read our full Anti-Racism Accountability Statement.

Anti-Racism Glossary(1).pdf

Anti-Racism Glossary

This resource is meant to introduce you to terms beyond the definitions. Most times we are introduced to terms without understanding the full context behind the meaning. Within this glossary you will gain access to multiple articles describing the terms, with the hope of provoking more thought and action-oriented behaviors.

CoE's 2023 Annual Report.pdf

Annual Report 2023

This is a report describing the process, implementation, and outcomes of the Health Equity Champion Curriculum in 2023.

Anti-Racism Resource List.pdf

Download a comprehensive list of anti-racism resources.

This resource from the American Medical Association provides guidance and promotes a deeper understanding of equity-focused, person-first language and why it matters. 

MSHIELD Culture of Equity 1-Pager.pdf

Download a one-pager describing our efforts to develop a platform of health equity in the CQI community.