Matthias Kirch, M.S.

Health Informatics Specialist, MSHIELD

Matthias Kirch, M.S. is responsible for developing data equity guidelines and advising CQIs on equitable data practices for MSHIELD. He has experience in data management, statistics, survey development, and leading project teams in data-based analysis. Matthias is engaged in continuous education about anti-racism and how it can be applied to data management in health practice and research. Matthias also works as a Statistician Staff Specialist with the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation’s Data and Methods Hub, where he is lead analyst for multiple initiatives, including the National Poll on Healthy Aging, and the Healthy Michigan Plan evaluation with the State of Michigan.

Matthias received his Master of Science in Health Services Research, Policy, and Administration with a minor in Biostatistics from the University of Minnesota, and his B.A. in Geology from Carleton College. He has a passion for equity, and has worked in health advocacy with the transgender community, as well as educational equity as a member of a local school board. He spends his personal time reading, knitting, sewing, and hanging out with his kids and pets.